I’ve been developing a dream about what I wish I could do with my life.  I would like to have a hobby farm/orchards with a non-profit rescue on the “side” for cats and cattle. 

I would like to have a farm with fruit trees and a couple fields for hay, alfalfa, quinoa and amaranth.  I would like many bee boxes to pollinate my trees and fields and produce honey.  I would like it all to be organic. 

I would like to have a large veggie garden like my grand parents had on their farm too; for cukes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, lettuces, carrots, and anything I can get to grow.  I would like to use the crops produced to feed the animals on the farm, and the people, and then sell what is leftover. 

I would like to be able to take a lot of cats in from kill shelters, and any cattle that are rescued by groups like the ASPCA or donated by farmers who cannot care for them any longer instead of slaughter.  It would be nice to have a deal with local farmers- I’ll give you feed if you’ll give me a cow maybe.

I would like to have my own cats, a couple dogs, and any other animal that I can rescue from being slaughtered or abused.  Ideally I would like them to have a good heated barn with ventilation, a sound system (cows like music) and some sort of emergency shelter built into the foundation, plus pastures with lots of trees for shade and shelter.

I love Star Trek, but …

When I was a little kid my parents gave my brother and I each 1.25 for our school lunch every day.  And almost every single day I skipped lunch so that I could save the money and buy a paperback book on the weekend.  This was quite a while ago (which explains the amount of money needed for lunch or the book).  At the time I was a huge Trekker and loved watching The Next Generation, which was still on the air, and reading the series of novels that were being published.  Almost every other month there was a novel from either the original series or TNG and I read as many as I could get my hands on at B. Dalton.

Back then there were a lot of books written by the authors Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, and John Vornholt.  There were also incredible books by Jean Lorrah, Diane Duane and L.A. Graf.  Both male and female writers tended to use the cast fairly well, though in both series as time passed they seemed to focus more on the Kirk/Spock or Picard/Data characters.  I was happy with LA. Graf because that trio of authors had several novels about Chekov, Uhura and Sulu as the main focus instead.

I want to get all of that out here because I have something to say about the group of writers who are currently writing the Star Trek books.  There is no regular numbered series, with a novel every couple months, any longer and there hasn’t been for several years.  I love the chance to get to read new Trek books (from all series/movies) though.  However, I am having trouble with the diversity that is lacking amongst these authors, who seem to be 95% male now.  It wouldn’t be a problem if any of them could write a decent female character.  Unfortunately, with maybe one exception, they cannot.

I would like to go into a lot more detail in posts soon, but let me set up my issue here.  I have two main problems; One, the women of TNG have been lead into the baby-zone.  Both Troi and Crusher have been married off and had children, and in most of the books if they are mentioned it is in relation to having a child or trying to get pregnant.  I do love that they have kept their original names, Deanna is still Deanna Troi, but after being married to Jean-Luc Picard for at least three years he still refers to Beverly Crusher as Crusher (and not Beverly or even Bev) in his own thoughts and the privacy of their quarters.  That is really weird to me.  Neither woman would have had to have a child to be involved with interesting plots, but the male authors have reduced them to female tropes; wife and mother and no longer a good officer on the ship with a job that is vital to the missions (even though they do have those jobs still).  More on this another time.

Second, most female characters are very two-dimensional and only act as NPCs to further the storyline or development of a male character.  Choudhury, in the newer TNG novels, has been Security Chief on the Enterprise for more than three years but more is written about her relationship with Worf than her duties.  And when it is convenient to have a death, she becomes the third intimate of Worf’s to be killed off so that he can have an emotional revelation/story development in more novels.  I think they hook him up with women just to torment the female or kill them for Worf’s storyline.  And this is not unique to these characters.

I have found that even in episodes, when a women is going through development (if ever) she is the one who faces adversity or dramatic torment.  I cannot recall a single instance where they killed a male to make her suffer/pay for an action she took in TNG or TOS.  However, when they want to develop a male character they torment or kill the woman in his life more often than they torment him.  When something happened to Wesley Crusher it was an episode about his growth, not to have a reaction for Beverly Crusher.  And I have a lot more to say about these topic also, but for now I will leave it at that, except to say that this is pissing me off and I do want to say there is at least one exception in the Data/Geordi friendship.

I should be using this thing, right?

Holy crap, it’s been over a year since I used this thing and I can’t believe I haven’t even really thought about tumblr in all that time.

So maybe I should start writing again, maybe?

I’ll start with a very brief update, in case anyone remembers who I am or why they are following me after all this time.  I graduated from law school a while ago, and just found out last week that I passed the MN Bar exam!!  I have a couple outstanding things (background, MPRE issues) before I can be admitted to the MN Bar Association, but I am hopeful at this point.  Still working with the local ACLU office, still with the kitty I adopted last year, still single and still seeking employment which pays (on the West Coast would be nice).

I’ve got something to say about a book I recently finished so if I am very good, after I get some car business finished this afternoon I might actually post about something more interesting.

My new baby!

My new baby!

New Cat!

Went to the local shelter today and held a bunch of kitties.  It took an hour and a half to decide which kitty to adopt, but eventually we left with Lindy (name to be changed) a female (spayed) tabby, who will be 4 yrs old in July.  She was a sweetie, but now that we brought her home the dogs have scared her a little and she is under my bed.  She lived with dogs before being surrendered to the shelter, so she should be okay with the mini-poodle and pom eventually.  Just stressful moving to a new home.

Got food, treats, cleaned out the auto-litter box, new litter, wet food, a couple toys, collar, and a sisal scratch-pad.  Discovered something on sale for planting so we’re going into town tomorrow and I’ll get a few more things for the kitty to play with/scratch on.  She needs a new kitty bed that is her very own I think.

So far the name favorites are Janeway, Seven, and Kira.  I like Seven because it is a lucky number for a lot of people too.

My birthday is tomorrow.  We are going to Grand Forks.  President Clinton is visiting Grand Forks tomorrow.  This has the potential of being a really great birthday, and letting me cross off one of the five life goals I have, or of being a huge disappointment.  I’m leaning toward disappointment, because I doubt I could get close enough to shake his hand if we go to the event at the park (though we should be in town by then).

My goal is to shake the hand of a former, current, or future president.  I really think that Clinton was a good president, and did a lot to better the United States, but my mother hates him because of his affairs.


Some days I think that I will never get over losing my kitty.  It’s been almost eight months and I still cry every single time I even think about him is passing.  And this month is really hard because he would have turned 16 last week, and this will be my first birthday without him.  I really don’t think I have ever loved anyone, or anything, as much as I loved him.  I would have died for him, he was my baby.

I always forget about Tumblr and then am all… what have I been doing instead?

Welp, Occupy Seattle was raided.




 What happened?

According to the Twitter, their structure was removed (I’m not in Seattle so I have no idea what that means) and some people were arrested. The arrests are still happening.

Hmm, I wonder if my brother was one of them.

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